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Coffee is Addicted to me…I think!

You got it, coffee is addicted to me, it has occurred to me that it really is addicted to me, it calls out to me when I am in the store it really does say buy me.  I will go all kinds of redneck if I run out of filters using paper towels until I can get to the store to buy more.  It has been bad at times.  So I got to thinking am I addicted to coffee?  The answer is NO I am not…it is addicted to me.  It has made me believe that I can do nothing without it.  So then I begin to think maybe it is a co~dependent relationship, coffee is dependent on me as I am dependent on coffee.  I like my coffee with creamer and sugar/sweetener.  So yeah as I sit and write this first post of my blog I have it figured out……..I am in a co~dependent relationship with coffee.  Most in my family know DO NOT TALK TO HER UNTIL SHE HAS FINISHED HER SECOND CUP OF COFFEE AFTER WAKING UP.  Unless of course you really like being met with grunts groans and on occasion the middle finger.  I am not a nice person until I have had coffee.  So I say coffee is for YOUR safety not mine!  I will post more in the coming days I just wanted to get this out there for your consideration, and to let you know that not all of my posts will be about coffee.

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