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Okay so let me tell you about Jimmison, Jimmison is something that kinda got stuck in my head.  On the way home I had to stop by the store to pick up a few things.  You know go in for bread and leave with roughly 400 bucks of stuff right.  Well my children decided to go into the store with me, and in doing so they always TRY yes TRY to embarrass me.  Well, I decide it is time to nip it in the bud BEFORE they try.  Well it did not happen they tried.

Early on I decided to call my daughter Jimmison, and my son Darlene (not their real names).  We were done and, went to pay and I was a buck short and my daughter let me hold a dollar right?  Guess ya gonna have to take my word for it.  Well, we were leaving and I just holler out “JIMMISON YOU GET YOUR BUTT TO THAT CAR NOW OR IMMA TEAR IT UP!”  To which she replies, “My name is not Jimmison.”  I said to her, “DO NOT BACK TALK ME JIMMISON, GET IN THE CAR NOW BEFORE I GET A HOLT OF YOU WITH THIS SWITCH AND TAN YOUR HIDE.”  (Mind you I am trying very hard not to bust out laughing but you know it did not work I was bustin’ a gut she was rollin’ and my fiance was all like what just happened.)  They love my sense of humor, and I am actually glad they have one that matches.  I couldn’t ask for better kids to be honest!!  There is never a dull day in the house, with me around.

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