An amazing story about Spiders and me.

Okay, I am an amazing person and I love all things living, there is actually a few things that well I could do without.  One of those things are wood roaches, they come inside when it rains and yeah scares the crap out of people and the other is spiders.  Do not get me wrong I LOVE the big spiders well the big ones that are not aggressive.  That means those itty bitty ones that make webs everywhere in your house and well Wolf Spiders yeah I can do with out those they make me scream and holler “KILL IT KILL IT”  No lie!  Okay the point of this blog, I was scrolling and silently judging on Facebook earlier today and seen an add for this thing that will HUMANELY get spiders out of your house.  I am down with that…one problem I have with the advert though.  It says it is PERFECT for those that have arachnophobia.  Okay well I call BS, why you ask….because I have a friend that is DEATHLY scared of ALLLLL Spiders…..she literally freezes when she sees one.  So how is she going to get close enough to catch the thing to HUMANELY set it free.  These people that made this OBVIOUSLY did not have her as a friend!!! Do not get me wrong I am not making fun of her, far from it.  I am however pointing out that a particular product was not entire well thought out in the advertising area.

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