Storms and Dogs

So I have not written in a while, I am sorry about that.  I know the title of this blog is Storms and Dogs, before I get into that let me tell you a bit about the me me y’all do not know.  I am 43 years old I have anxiety issues that lead to depression issues.  When I get in this vicious circle I tend to not want to do anything.  By anything I mean well anything.  Okay that being said and shedding a little light on why ya have not heard from me let me start on the topic at hand.  DOGS and STORMS!!


So in my family we have 4 dogs.  A great pyrenees his name is Dolce.  Okay so Dolce translated from Italian, literally ‘sweet.’

Okay so he is the biggest we have, followed by an APBT who goes by the name Blue, we also have a female Bishon Frise and her name is Rhina Kitsune (Kitsune translated from japanese is fox) Then there is the little Chihuahua his name is Zeus.  The animal that rules the roost at my house is the cat, his name is Thom Thomas Testiculess.  I did not give him that name he had it when my dad gave the cat to me.
That all out of the way, the cat is the ONLY animal including humans that keeps his cool when there is a storm.  Acts as though it does not even phase him.  Hence the title of the blog DOGS and Storms.  So let me explain all of this really quick or maybe not.
Blue loves to be outside in ALL weather, he can not stand to be confined in our house for ANY length of time.  So he stays outside because that is where he is happiest.  He has a dog house a fenced area for him. (Even though he is a master escape artist he still has a fenced area).  During storms he is either out in the middle of it and not in his dog house or he is well that is all he won’t go in his dog house when it rains…it is out there if he wants to use it.
Rhina she is just like well this is interesting my mommy (that is me) is going to freak out and I get lots of pets woo hoo glad there is a storm.  I love snuggles and pets on my belly.
Zeus, he watches the windows for lightening, the minute it does he is running back and forth from the front door to the back door barking at the thunder as if to say oh no no not today storm I am the mighty Zeus and by my bark you will cease and desist this nonsense right now. (It don’t work but hey give the little guy a break okay he tries.)
Which brings me to Dolce, the biggest dog I have.  He weighs in at a whopping 150-175 pounds (I say 150-175 because of his coat when he has all of it and I have not gotten him shaved for summer to look more like a huge white lab he is 175lbs. )  He literally flips out and goes into immediate anxiety mode.  He has a bark that carries through the whole house.  He is barking and carrying on like he has been shot or something. (You should see him when a wasp is in his fur it is down right insane in my house until we get it out).  Mind you it is not his normal “oh my gawd mom someone is here” bark, it is more soulful and sad when he barks during a storm.  Let me also add he is constantly looking at the ceiling fan in the middle of my living room.  Why I do not know.  So basically we have to open my sons bedroom door and mine as well so he can feel some what safe and make sure his “flock” (our family and other animals) is safe.  This is not only during the storm but it is for roughly 3 or 4 hours AFTER the storm.  Do not get me started on IF we end up losing power, he goes into HIGH GEAR then.
As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and trying to wake up, (NOT an easy feat when it is raining let me tell you.) Dolce is doing his go away rain dance as I call it.  COMPLETE with “chanting”  (BAAAARK BAAARK BAAARK).  I would like to take a moment and say those of you that are in the path of this set of storms, and those of you that have already faced this path of storms.  STAY SAFE!!!
Enjoy your coffee all!!

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