Kibitzers in Pachisi


This is Pachisi, and we play this every night people that I work with, and every night we do a skype call.  During this call we can get into a bunch of really strange conversations.  One such conversation was about what one of our DJ’s was drinking, something about apple cider vinegar with cinnamon lemon juice, and something else that I am not able to remember.  Anyway someone had said something about it being colon cleanse or some such nonsense.  She was half way livid it was almost funny.  We also have a dude who kinda well no kinda to it he sounds like muttley when he laughs it can be down right hilarious.

So yeah the game we are playing at this moment it is extremely cut throat for sure.  It could be anyone’s game.  So what do we get to hear about?  One of the owners talking about pre-hysterecomy and what they have to do and all.  When she got done with the pre exam.  She gets off the table and says “Well where is my kiss”  It was hilarious, this is just SOME of what we talk about at any given time.  I LOVE PLAYING WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! IT IS GREAT!!!!

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