I am LIVID!!!!!!!

Okay let me start my day started out pretty good, we did what we needed to do, got it done fairly quickly.  So nothing out of the ordinary right?  Fast forward to coming home.  I was angered pretty quickly we left out of Dollar General on the way home and I literally watched this idiot woman beat her dog with a CB antenna I wanted my son to turn the vehicle around so I could beat her the way she was beating her dog.  He would not do it, said he did not have any bail money.  I felt so very bad for the dog.  So quickly like, I am all about helping the voiceless meaning kids and animals.  I was told to call the police, funny thing about that where I live…they would not do anything.  All I can hope at this point is the idiot woman does not have children because I am pretty sure she is treating them the same way, and I really hope Karma gets her soon.


Now on to other things, there is a DJ where I work, she is absolutely great.  DJ Fab is from the upper north east and you can tell by the way she says her word.  Everything is “wicked big” “wicked cool” and it is going to a pahty and if someone gets A’s they are smaht.  She cracks me up.  Anyway go check her out at Revolution Radio 2.0 she is usually on during the day.  From 12pm til 3pm Eastern Time.

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