My Friends From the UK

Okay this is not your typical crazy mess from my life instead I want to just say that I do know what London and my friends from London  feel.  I am sure quite a few of us that live in the United States know how they feel.  In case none of you know what is going on here is a link for you.


When the terror attacks happened in the US on 9/11/01 I know exactly what I was doing, what I was wearing, what I ate for breakfast, just everything about that day.  It will FOREVER be in my mind.  I hate that this happened where my friends live.  I hate that they have to feel what we felt.  I hate that our world has gotten to this point.  Now that being said I will end this post as I always do with our Featured DJ


So this DJ I work with is also our INDIES manager he secures all kinds of bands for us to play on our station He goes by Captain Steve O because he was an off shore boat captain for 25 yrs been through the panama canal to Brazil Trinidad Alaska bearing sea pacific coast east coast gulf of mexico come check him out at Revolution Radio 2.0  he has an awesome show.

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