The Ride Home From The In-Laws

Okay so family went to a fish fry, I don’t like fish but I did find something to munch on.  We did the family thing for a couple of hours then I asked if we could go ahead and go home.  My anxiety was getting the better of me, when more people started showing up.  So this entry is about the trip home.


From this paragraph til the DJ feature read it in a very heavy southern accent.  I talked this way for an entire 22 miles YES I LOOKED IT UP to see how far lol I just know I did it for at least 30 minutes total non stop almost.

I QUOTE ALL THIS, “Oh my gawd baby you need to take it easy on this road with all the water standing on it, it about to get on my last nerve and it is scaring the ever living sh*t outta me baby.  You know what I just do not understand why it became socially acceptable that we as women must shave our under arms I mean really y’all when did that happen?  I want to shake the hand of the man that decided one day to pull on the udders of a cow to see what come out of em and then if that was not enough that man decided to drink it and call it milk I want to shake that man’s hand for bringing us milk because from milk we got cheese and cheese is sooooooo good don’t you agree son, oh I mean I have so many recipes for cheese you just don’t know. (It went on and on from there for a full at least thirty minutes I had my son and fiance ROLLING they were about to lose it for reals yall.  It was so funny they almost had tears coming from there eyes they were laughing so hard.



Ok so our featured DJ from Revolution Radio 2.0 is none other than Cynic.  She is one of our more laid back DJ’s as she plays what the listeners want to hear.  She does not like to be called DJ Cynic just Cynic for her please.  She loves being your host on midnight til 3am on Tuesdays and Fridays and whenever else she is needed.  So yeah she can be found in the Revolution Radio Chat if she is not on air go check her out she is an amazing DJ, Chat manager, and she also helps the promo team for Revolution Radio 2.0.

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