Oh my jibby, it has been told that I say “Oh my Jibby” quite a bit.  I would like to take a moment and tell you my fine ass readers why.

I thought I would TRY not using cuss words so much because I have LOADS of nieces and nephews that are that wonderful age of picking up words.  Now my favorite when I am scared is you guessed correct “OH Sugar Honey Iced Tea” only yeah you get the point.  Well it is NOT cool listening to kids age 2 or whenever they start talking to right around 4 sometimes 5 saying these adult type words.  So my quest started.  I say OH MY JIBBY or sometimes when it is REALLY bad I will say “SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA”  those words not the actual word S4!T ya get me?  Okay now IF and ON occasion I do actually say the “bad words”  (ONLY AROUND KIDS THAT IS) I have a Jim Beam barrel bank that money goes into for such an occasion.   The last time it was FULL I cashed it in and there was almost fifty bucks.  At that time I needed some housewares stuffs so it went to good use as a rainy day fund type thing.  It got me thinking though, why not make a difference on that end as well?  There are all kinds of charities that could use that money.  (This is the part where you comment down there at the end of this and let me know what type of charity you are into and I will look into it seeing if funds actually go to the cause and what not…)  Anyway so new and improved CUSS JAR the money will now go to a charity instead of being used as rainy day money.



The DJ I am featuring today is our very own DJ Hummingbird.  She has a flighty attitude and I love it!!! She plays mostly country but some classic rock as well.  You can find her flying around the DJ booth around noon on days she is not working her regular job.  She LOVES her listeners and takes care of them HUMMINGBIRD STYLE.  Catch her at Revolution Radio 2.0  Noon til 3pm Eastern Time!!! That is IF you can catch a hummingbird 😉

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