Trash Pandas

lyHello all my fine readers, how are we today?  The tail end of Cindy is coming through and we will be back to sweltering weather yet again.

A few things I think you should know BEFORE I get into today’s post.

  1.  JULY 3, 2017 I will be returning to school!!! My major is psychology with a specialization in substance abuse.
  2. JULY 8, 2017 is my Family’s reunion.  I DID THE BOOKLET for it this year…..lets hope they are decent enough that I get to do them again next year it was pretty fun.
  3. July 15, 2017 WE WILL BE THROWING MY DAUGHTER AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY PARTY even though her birthday is in TWO days.  (she is spending time with family so she won’t be here until the first of July)  So I am hoping she has an amazing UTERUS EVICTION DAY JUNE 25th but a KICK A$$ PARTY July 15.


OK now that I got household business out of the way let me start by saying:



I will be honest it has been hard, but I am at the tail end of making it without it. I only say that because I WILL be getting some VERY soon. In all fairness though, I did have some yummy nectar from the coffee gods last night and got EXTREMELY giddy about it.  It was all I could do not to GUZZLE the yumminess down in three gulps, YES I would have even though it is HOT.  Realizing though we were out of sugar after making the coffee and we only had enough for my son and I to have ONLY one cup I sipped instead. Okay so moving on to the issue at hand…….




I really do like the picture I chose for this post have a bunch of stuff in common with trash pandas.  The dark circles around my eyes… check.  Eats junk…not so check.  Cute…check.  A little chubby…..check…double check I am an over achiever here and I am full on obese.  Possibly rabid…..check…erm maybe? Okay so honestly I have a fascination with all things trash panda.  THEIR FRONT PAWS ARE SIMILAR TO HUMANS.  Although they do not have opposable thumbs, let me break it down for you what an opposable thumb is…

  • As a human we have opposable thumbs and this means that we can not only move our thumbs all around but we can also press all the other fingertips with it.  Trash pandas can take their “thumbs” to the middle of their palm as well as their pinky finger.
  • “Other animals with opposable thumbs include gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and other variants of apes; certain frogs, koalas, pandas, possums and opossums, and many birds have an opposable digit of some sort.  Many dinosaurs had opposable digits as well.”  (Williams, 2009)



  • So now that that has been explained just needed to bring my smarticals out for a moment and educate y’all on that for some reason.  Anyway I will not get side tracked again.  TRASH PANDAS are just really cute and awesome yes a lot of them especially the ones you see during the day time are rabid and some do carry other diseases but COME ON PEOPLE THEY ARE CUTE!!  PLUS WHERE ELSE IS GROOT SUPPOSED TO SIT?








images (1)



So it is that time again to feature a DJ from Revolution Radio 2.0!!

Today I will feature none other than DJ SKITTLES!!!  Since I found out that I can put pictures through out I will also include their banners as well!!


DJ Skittles is one of our more random DJ’s he has a style that is not really matched by anyone else at Revolution Radio 2.0

The days he is on air are Monday and Friday from 3am til 6am EDST.  So if you crave some very random music that is the time for it!!!  He also says “Skittlespox are very contagious so taste the mofo rainbow.” He is part of the promo team as well and works with Rockin JT for the chat site IMVU you can check that out >>> here <<<  IMVU is a 3d chat site where you can make an avatar rooms and a bunch of other stuff.  He is currently being trained to do other things for the promo staff which is headed up by DJ Yogi.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO come and him and the other DJ’s out.  You will not be disappointed I assure you!!!

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