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Today is BILL Day

Hello my fine readers, so yeah today is bill paying day.  I am beyond annoyed at this point, so my post may come off as a bit ranty, is ranty even a word?? TODAY IT IS!!!

Okay so I am all for paperless billing I LOVE IT it is easy goes to your email something I check DAILY.  My question is simple IF you are going to PROVIDE paperless billing should you not then PROVIDE an option for paying with a debit card?

So let me explain, I do NOT deal in paper checks like ever anymore in fact I have not dealt with them in a very long time.  I use my debit card to pay things online because to me faster easier don’t need to leave my house and people.  I am not very good at being all peopley (yes for today it is a word).  Now this is WITH OR WITHOUT coffee.  Although WITH coffee I am a bit better and will do what is needed.  So I go online to the place I need to make one of my bill payments and set up an account to pay said bill.  I get there and they ask the normal questions, date of birth account number etc.  I fill all that in and click pay bill now. It asks for my information name address etc.  I fill that in and scroll down to pick my payment option… there are two yes ONLY TWO you can choose a checking account or a different type of checking account…okay so I am like awesome time wasted in setting this up, so I call….no luck there either they want all my info like before I punch it into the phone and then they want my routing number.  So yeah not feeling it today on bill paying day.  I get to go people tomorrow and I am not happy about it.  Oh well I hope you all enjoy your day today.



I am not doing a featured DJ today for Revolution Radio 2.0.  I am going to let you all know WE HAVE A NEW SITE it looks AWESOME >>>> Check it out HERE <<<<<

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