Then and Now

Okay so this is three days after my birthday and my last post being four months ago.  Been having to deal with a lot lately but here I am ROCKING THE HELL OUT OF IT LIKE ONLY I CAN!!!

So the title is Then and Now…and you as my fine ass reader are wondering what that means…simple I am going to give another glimpse into my life from THEN and NOW…complete with pictures and a quiz.  Okay just kidding on the quiz…..maybe.



Cute kid huh, so yeah this is me umpteen years ago I was in kindergarten and had a pretty smile and it shows in my eyes…well lots of years later and a bunch of crap dealt with it changes.  Growing up it was a typical family.  My mom, dad, brother, and myself.  I would say when I turned 8 years old my half sister moved in with us which was awesome, and in my family we just said sister I mean she was and is not half a sister she is my whole sister.  Who cares who her mom was right?  Okay so really nothing out of the ordinary right normal kid in suburbia getting an education and growing up.  I will say one more thing, my dad had a whistle that went on for days and it did not matter where we were we had best hear it and come running when he did it.  Okay so then…


NOW!!! 14117801_1369703326377241_4937161877812114559_n and 20638068_1770423922971844_2832921501460887391_n

Ok so you get the idea no more strawberry blond hair and been through a shit ton of life lol but eh it happens right life that is.  Yes I am holding a beer in the second picture eh I deserved it…and I was at a benefit baseball game and so why not.  Let me explain why I would go to a baseball game in the first place aside from it being a benefit baseball game.  My dad first man I ever loved in my whole life.  12193861_1016765988345734_6036146520536901974_n

^^^ That is my dad, he was my heart and the greatest man I knew…and not just because he gave me life but he was always there for me no matter what kind of trouble I found myself in.  It was late in the year 2014 when daddy sat all of us kids down to inform us what the doctors found out about him and what was wrong.  We found out that he was diagnosed with ALS it is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function.  In this disease, nerve cells break down, which reduces functionality in the muscles they supply. The cause is unknown.  In my dad’s case fatal.  March 31, 2016, heaven gained an angel.  I miss my dad EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY…I still can’t hear the song See you again by Charlie Puth without tearing up, or the song he and my baby sister danced to at her wedding.  Daddy Dance with Me by Krystal Keith.  Please click the links it takes you to YouTube.

I don’t really ever put hate into anything but I hate amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it claimed my hero, my biggest cheerleader in life, the first man I ever loved unconditionally.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, and certain days are really hard… his birthday May 28, being a very hard one.  I miss him calling me practically daily until he could no longer talk and it became texts of him telling me everyday how God blessed him with such an amazing daughter even though I am one of six kids five girls and a boy, he made sure I knew how important I was and I miss that so very much.  He did that with all of us kids, made sure we each knew how important we were to him and how God blessed him with us.  I am very lucky in the fact that my parents were so good to me and my siblings.  In today’s world it does not work that way very much anymore.  Those that have awesome parents like mine are truly blessed for sure.

My dad loved baseball, and the local team where I live lets the ALS chapter closest to me have an entire suite and it is filled with all kinds of food, and drinks of different kinds so it is the second baseball game I went to in honor of my dad.  I was not able to attend the walk for a cure this year as we lost my uncle this year was too much too soon so to speak.  You can bet I will be there next year walking proud in honor of my dad.

So that pretty much not only gives you a glimpse into me but I am hoping it also shows you I am human as well and even though I usually write about the hilarity of my life before during and after coffee none of it would be possible without my parents and how I was raised.  So I leave you with some advice my dad would always tell me.

Don’t ever sweat the small stuff, and don’t sweat the big stuff because eventually it becomes small stuff and not important.


Much love my dear readers and there will be more to come so stay tuned. (Insert an evil type grin here if ya want because I am)

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