Well I must say raising a 15 year old is not entirely easy, she tries to make things like it don’t affect her, however we know they do, BODY LANGUAGE, <insert me shaking my head here>  Okay Rules for 15 year old daughter, she is to give up her phone at 9pm EVERY SUNDAY TIL THURSDAY she knows this but here it is 8:52pm and she has not even looked like getting up to get her charger to put her phone up.  Okay so it doesn’t take long to do that BUT effort really no lie…..okay so lets talk curfew….she bebops in the living room earlier and asks can I go to my friends house, to which I reply, “They pick you up and drop you off, and are you eating over there?”  She said, “No she is not eating over there.”  I said, “Okay home no later than 7pm.”  She calls at 6:42pm and asks if she can stay until 7:30 or 8pm, because she has decided to have supper over there.”  I said, “Sure home no later than 8pm.”  She bebops in the door at 8:13pm EXPECTING NOT TO BE DISCIPLINED are we kidding here, okay so she is grounded for the rest of the week, to which she replies, “It don’t matter I don’t go anywhere anyway.”  WHO DOES THIS KID BELONG TO AND CAN I HAVE MY FIVE YEAR OLD BACK PLEASE THE ONE WHO WAS SWEET NOT SASSY.  I just want to know one thing can I please skip to grandchildren and bypass the rest of these teen years?  Not enough coffee in the world can fix this mess thank goodness I don’t drink decaf shhh don’t tell my doctor she would have a fit.  Well here we go with being grounded for the rest of the week.  WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

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