Spider/Tick Hybrid


Okay so I kinda like spiders and I do not like ticks like at all, but this thing that was on me not one day but two days in a row looked like a cross between the two I am telling you it got on me on day two and I screamed scared everyone inside the house and outside the house not even kidding.  I like most living things there are only a few I don’t like, and even fewer I will get away from in a hurry if possible. Let me just say the HYBRID SPIDER/TICK is definitely one of them for sure……rest assured it is totally dead and in pieces in the trash because this woman don’t play when it comes to that stuff no way no how.  I wanted it dead, its family dead, the house it lives in gone, its neighborhood gone, the village it lives in gone, the next one over GONE! 

It is not much to ask I don’t think, what about you what is your coup de grâce with the insane fear?  Post a comment in the comment section and let me know 🙂 Enjoy your day as best as you can and I will see you when I write again.

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