Me and Awesome Ideas

Okay, so I have this really amazing idea.  I was sitting at my desk just chit chatting with a co-worker about this and that and it hits me my arms look like bat wings I am am am am appalled at this thought so I think how bout well hula hooping with two of them one for arms and one for hips as well see how that goes.  I shared my idea and was told I could lift weights instead and get the same result okay so this is the conversation I had in the chat I was in with my co workers mind you it is just me and nobody answered me yet but I can’t “weight” to see what they say.  (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose hahaha).

“omg I am learning weight lifting today and well because I want to get rid of my bat wings cuz i been losing weight and all my arms jiggle NOT COOL, anyway so was told do that about 100 times per day and you will be tone there I am doing good to get it 5 times let alone 100 damn omg this joker wants me to go from 5 pounds to 25 pounds in less that a week idk what he is smoking, but I want omg this is nuts I get told “stick with me and you will have guns” I don’t want guns I just don’t want bat wings anymore dammit”

The intentions are good and I will be starting my routine in about a week when I can get some hula hoops need two sizes will keep you all up to date on how it is working out today I did good lifted the weights 5 times each arm only did it wrong and worked the wrong part of my body well in a few days it is a new work out day and I will get it right.  WISH ME LUCK!!!!!


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